we are the guys of young group who are well-dedicated to turn your fantasy and imagination of your special pre-wedding and wedding moment into reality
we create the method that uses creativity on shooting and recording your pre wedding and wedding moment from different perspective
we are ready to serve your desire on all type of Photography and Videography
you will know the answer to that question if you see us working and see how the outcome is yourself, but beyond that, the important one is our jargon that is never compare what we do to others since we are still where we stand
We work in team that covers all of the shoot list, all of the moments from your prewedding/wedding, and we are always updated, never old-fashioned, We used Nikon for all of shoot types, such as D4s for Candid and Pre wedding, D700 for Wedding and Documentation, and D610 for videography thats supported by Fixed lens such as 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, and 200mm
Yes We do ! as long as the price is fit in! :D
Just contact us by using your Phone and we will pick it up as soon as possible, as long as we are in the same city we just can make arrangement into my workstation, and the important thing is, we are still FREE in your date because we give the premium service into our clients by one day for one client
for Pre wedding we start from IDR 7.000K - IDR 15.000K, and for Wedding we start from IDR 11.000K - IDR 30.000K
we really consider the price to be relative to everyone, but honestly, this far, we are never questioned that way, one thing we realize is that our clients know how to appreciate our product, they like it and they never complaint about the price
Our workplace is in Pekanbaru, Riau, you can check it on the location menu of the maps
Dont worry, we always bring our favorite Sneakers in the pocket as long as the working time :D
Always Smiling, Stop Complaining, Stop Comparing, Shower Before Wedding, Be nice to everyone including The Grumpy Family, always use cheap perfume, tighten the shoes, and bring more Chocolate in the pocket